MSDN Dive – Week 35

MSDN Dive – Week 35

Today I want to show you some documentation about the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) from the MSDN. There is a lot of material that can help you implement rich and sophisticating UIs as well as material that helps you to understand how the WPF works internally.




WPF Architecture – Learn:

  • Differences between PresentationFramework and PresentationCore.
  • What DispatchObjets are.
  • How DependencyObjects work.
  • Differences between Visuals, UIElements, FrameworkElements and Controls

XAML Base Elements – Learn:

  • What the base elements of WPF are.
  • How the base elements fits together to provide a framework for rich and sophisticating UIs.
  • Differences between UIElements, ContentElements, FrameworkElements and FrameworkContentElements.

XAML Overview – Learn:

  • What XAML is.
  • What Markup Extensions are.
  • What Type Converters are.
  • What XAML namespace are.
  • How XAML works with Code Behind.
  • What Attached Properties and Attached Events are.

Enjoy the MSDN!

Reference: MSDN Dive – Week 35 from our NCG partner Robin Sedlaczek at the Robin Sedlaczek’s Blog blog.

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