Using httpbin to test http and https requests

StackOverflow user Kenneth Reitz has written a great on-line and free httpbin tool that responds to many kinds of http/https requests including the standaard http request methods (or verbs) used by REST: get, post (for http 1.0) and patch, put, delete (for http 1.1).

These verbs are not supported: head (http 1.0) and trace, options, connect (http 1.1).

The site is geared towards JSON (as most the responses are in JSON, except for one XML response and a few TEXT responses), but even if your environment does not use JSON, it is very useful as you basically get an echo of information on what you pass to it.

AM_CONDITIONAL([USE_NLS], [test "x${USE_NLS}" =  JYFOYIFOIYFGYyofiyfoiy oiyfoiyfo oiyugfsdoiygfosi oiusgdfoisdyug oiyugsdofiuysgodfi oiusgdf"xyes"])</pre>
In the Makefiles, we have to leverage these information to:
    • Conditionally distribute NLS-related files such as ABOUT-NLS:
dist_doc_DATA += ABOUT-NLS

Except one endpoint (/encoding/utf8), none of the response encodings can be determined by the request. This is a pity as sometimes it is good to see how a specific encoding works for JSON, but it is very hard to support encodings well, so I can understand the support is not there (or not there yet).

There are many examples on the site, which I won’t list.

What I do list are the endpoints as copied from the site on 20141228:

via: HTTP Test server that accepts GET/Post calls – Stack Overflow.

Reference: Using httpbin to test http and https requests from our NCG partner Jeroen Pluimers at the The Wiert Corner blog.

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