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  • DNX Framework Choices and ASP.NET 5
    You can think of an ASP.NET 5 application as a DNX application, where DNX stands for .NET execution environment. And the projects we create with a project.json file? These are DNX projects. The DNX is not just a runtime environment, but also an SDK.
  • Global route prefixes with attribute routing in ASP.NET Web API
    As you may have learnt from some of the older posts, I am a big fan, and a big proponent of attribute routing in ASP.NET Web API. One of the things that is missing out of the box in Web API’s implementation of attribute routing, is the ability to define global prefixes (i.e.
  • Design downloads
    Windows 8.1 design guidance that covers design principles and guidelines for form factors, UI, touch, tiles, notifications, globalization, and more.
  • Windows IoT Core : Sensing Sound Levels (Carey Payette)
    The ability to sense the amount of sound in an environment can come in handy. From the hobbyist standpoint, you can create light elements with LED strips that light up based on the amount of sound, similar to an equalizer, to add to the ambiance of the playing music.

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