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Compare Registry Settings – Beyond Compare

I think that Compare Registry Settings is one of the most unknown features of Beyond Compare.

So if you are a Windows that fights with the Registry every now and then, this feature is for you.

Note it is in the Windows Pro Edition only: one more reason to buy a license (:

It has been there since Beyond Compare version 3.2, and for either side of the comparison supports:

  • Your live registry
  • The registry on a remote computer
  • A .reg export file (locally or on an ftp server)

Use it to compare your registry against a backup, copy settings between PCs, and much more.

Note that comparing full registries can be slow, especially for remote registries as the registry transfer protocol of Windows is a bit chatty for the many small requests that Beyond Compare has to do.

The 2.5 minute introduction video is much better than the screenshot below, so go and watch it (:


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