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Welcome to 1Gig Tech 24th edition!

In today’s edition, there are 23 articles on technology, news, open source, community on the fantastic and ever evolving technology world.

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  • VS Code 0.10.8
    We are back from the holidays and are rolling again, looking forward to the Build 2016 conference. For //build, we’re focused on making VS Code accessible, available in additional languages, and stabilizing on a 1.0 API.
  • Windows 10 TH2 (v1511) Console Host Enhancements (oising)
    Yay! Console host enhancements! Wait… what is the console host? Is that cmd.exe? Or do you mean powershell.exe? It’s neither of these things and it’s both of these things, and more. Ok, I’m just making it more confusing. PowerShell runs in a cmd window, right? Nope.
  • Making a streamed layer in Bing Maps and XSockets (Perf)
    In many cases we want information in real time specially in these IoT days. Socket solutions are not just for real time. It is also a question about scaling. Instead of the clients asking the server for information on interval, the server pushes information to the clients that are interested.
  • A Guided Tour of the 2mb Fork
    Increasing the block size limit from 1 million bytes to 2 million bytes sounds so simple: just change the “1” to a “2” in the source code and we’re done, right? If we didn’t care about a smooth upgrade, then it could be that simple.
  • Google Makes Learning Neural Networks Free (DJ Pangburn)
    Like many other tech companies and researchers—and a growing number of digital artists—Google is very interested in machine learning, a vital component in creating artificially intelligent neural networks that would allow future machines to “think.
  • A better date and time API for .NET
    Find out more about Noda Time on our group mailing list or our blog. For more specific “How do I solve problem X?” questions, please ask on Stack Overflow using the nodatime tag.
  • Is your code ready for the leap year?
    As we enter February, it’s a good time to remember that 2016 is a leap year. For most people, this may just be an interesting oddity; an extra day to work or play. But for software developers, the leap year can cause significant pain.
  • LLBLGen Pro v5.0 Beta has been released!
    Since the first commit into the v5.0 fork back in the Fall 2014, we’ve been hard at work to make LLBLGen Pro v5.0 a worthy successor of the highly successful v4.x version. Today, we’ve released our hard work in beta, feature complete form: LLBLGen Pro v5.0 beta is now available.
  • About optimization and metrics · GitHub
    About optimisation and benchmarks; bottlenecks and what difference optimisation will make. 1) Wow! That’s incredible. What an achievement, that’s going to get people’s attention! How is that done? 2) Wait .. that is literally incredible.
  • Smart bulbs or how to be lazier (part 1) (Sergiy Baydachnyy)
    Probably, AllJoyn is the only topic that I have never covered in my posts. I simply don’t have any AllJoyn device. Once Microsoft introduced AllJoyn support I discovered that the cheapest LED costs around fifty American dollars and my positive attitude to AllJoyn decreased to minimum.
  • Timeline Profiling inside Visual Studio (Alexey Totin)
    With each new release, dotTrace deepens its integration with ReSharper and Visual Studio. In doing this, we aim to lower the entry barrier and make profiling easier to use on a daily basis, by moving profiling closer to code.
  • Don’t tell me what my browser can’t do!
    Chances are, your guess is wrong! There is nothing more frustrating than being capable of something and not getting a chance to do it. The same goes for being blocked out from something although you are capable of consuming it.
  • Feature Toggles – Architecture (Pete Hodgson)
    Feature toggles are a powerful technique, allowing teams to modify system behavior without changing code. They fall into various usage categories, and it’s important to take that categorization into account when implementing and managing toggles. Toggles introduce complexity.

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