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Windows Hyper-V OpenShift Container Platform Install in Minutes

Since the release of the OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) it has been my desire to provide a simple, fully configured and easy to use installation. This installation needs to have the Red Hat Middleware product streams installed (pre-configured container options) and all the extras like source to image and .Net Core containers. For some time there’s been easy to use ...

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Unless you write an installer with the right manifest don’t include Installer, Update, Upgrade, Setup,… in your EXE name

I’ve seen this question coming up a few times, and bumped into this at a client recently: the UAC dialog coming up when debugging a 32-bit executable. This is caused (more details below) by Installer Detection Technology introduced in Windows Vista (with UAC) and tightened in more modern Windows versions.       The solution is to either: not include ...

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Batch file to open a specific TCP port in Windows 7 / 2008 Server and up

Thanks to the answer by Kevin Richardson on How to open ports on Windows firewall through batch file, I wrote this batch file that uses the add command of the Netsh AdvFirewall Firewall Commands which requires Admin privileges to run: :: open port (first argument passed to batch script, second argument is description) :checkPrivileges net file 1>nul 2>nul if '%errorlevel%' == '0' ( goto :gotPrivileges ) ...

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Puppet: Keeping the discipline

For the last 5 weeks or so I’ve been working with puppet every day to automate the configuration of various nodes in our stack and my most interesting observation so far is that you really need to keep your discipline when doing this type of work. We can keep that discipline in three main ways when developing modules. Running from ...

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