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Why I do not mind VS2012 ALL CAPS menu

Visual Studio 2012 is very impressive and I like a lot of things about it. It has quite a lot of useful features and yet the ALL CAPS menus seem to be the most popular topic and a lot of devs seem unhappy about it; but I do not mind all caps menus. In fact I do not even notice ...

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Developer productivity tools and Visual Studio extensions

A few days ago a question was asked on Readify’s internal forum about useful VS extensions. A few extensions were mentioned that I had not used before and I am glad to have installed them now. So I thought I’d share my current toolbox with you. This is not meant to be anywhere as exhaustive as Hanselman’s Ultimate Developer and ...

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Transform app.config and web.config

One of the biggest promises and benefits of Agile is short feedback loops and to get short feedback loop we need to deploy our application frequently. From Agile Manifesto: “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.” To be able to that you really want to get as close as possible to ...

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Using NuGet to Distribute Company Internal DLLs

Releasing new software has to be simple and super fast! That was not the case for our company-internal class libraries till a couple of month ago until I finally decided to take the time to optimize that release process. At the company where I’m working at currently, we have an internal class library which bundles a series of utilities with ...

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