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Rebooting ALM, Part IV: Fantasy

This is the final part of the Rebooting ALM series. You should also read: Part I: Evolution Part II: Power Part III: Weakness We’ve covered where ALM tools excel, and where they falter. Now, allow me to fantasize about how we can take a leap forward and start solving actual problems for real ALM users (that’s us). Most of our work starts ...

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Rebooting ALM PartIII : Weakness

This is the 3rd part of Rebooting ALM series. You can find the others here: Part I: Evolution Part II: Power Obviously, I wouldn’t call this series “Rebooting ALM” if the tools didn’t have their weaknesses. Let me count the ways. The first problem of ALM tools starts with the customer. The end-user  of the system (developers, testers, business analysts) is NOT ...

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Rebooting ALM Part II: Power

This is the 2nd part in the Rebooting ALM series. Check out the first part “Evolution“, to see how we got here. (See what I did?). The first tool, I think, that started the ALM tool chain, was source control. There were compilers, and some IDEs, but source control systems were solutions for team-work. If you think about it, the ...

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Rebooting ALM Part I: Evolution

This is the first in a series about Rebooting ALM. I’m going to present this next at Agile Slovenia in a week, don’t miss it. I’ve started thinking about how Application Life Cycle Management has changed over the years. It’s funny, because what’s the first thing they teach you in agile class (I hope)?   “Individuals and interactions over processes ...

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5 Reasons to Manage Your Solo Project’s ALM Process

So I’ve been developing software on the Microsoft stack for just over 10 years, and training and consulting on managing software development with VS-ALM (a.k.a. TFS, a.k.a. Team System) for just over 4 of those years. But in all time training and consulting, I was working with teams – from small 5 person start ups, to enterprises with hundreds of ...

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