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Git stash driven development

I’ve found myself using a pattern quite often recently, which I’ve been calling “git stash driven development” – that is, relying heavily on the magic of git stash as part of my development workflow. Normally I follow what I think of as a fairly typical TDD workflow: Write next test, watch it fail Write code to make it pass Commit Refactor ...

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Git Explained: For Beginners

I’m working with Git now for about two years but only for my personal projects and those I have on GitHub. At work we still use TFS and SVN (as of now). Recently Paolo Perrotta came to our company to hold a course about Agile planning and since Git was quite new to most of my mates, he also quickly ...

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Deploying: Git vs. TFS Showdown

I think everyone agrees deployment should be as simple as possible. Seems like everyone talks about continuous integration/deployment/delivery. More and more people (and cloud providers) start using the source control mgmt system as their deployment solution. Especially Git seems to be quite suitable for that, i.e. you push to a dedicated “deploy” branch which is being automatically fetched, build and ...

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Migrating from Mercurial to Git

I have used quite a lot of source control systems: started with Visual Source Safe, then used SVN, various versions of TFS, SourceGear for a short while, StarTeam, Mercurial and Git … and in my opinion Git is THE most awesome source control system (even if you were to discount its distributed nature so you can compare it with non-distributed ...

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