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Release your libs like a pro

Automate, automate, automate. That’s what ultimately is our job, right? We automate the tedious processes of our end-users. So why don’t we do it for ourselves as well? This guide quickly illustrates how to setup fully automated releases to Bower and NPM. And they’re even automatically semantic versioned.   Bower, NPM, semantic versioning?? Sounds strange? Check out my article Node, ...

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Preparing for Angular 2

I’m sure you heard about Angular 2 and that it will be totally different. Forget everything you know and start from scratch. Jokes apart, if you have taken a closer look you already know that, yes, it will be new, things will be different (as it’s mostly the case with new stuff), but many concepts will still be there. Well, ...

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Griffin.Yo – Easy SPA library written in TypeScript

All SPA libraries that I’ve tried have long tutorials to show you have to use and configure them. It’s not unusual that they allow you to structure your application just as you like, which might be great for powerful users, but make it more confusing for newcomers. Here is an introduction to my own library which should be reasonable easy ...

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Stackoverflow integration in OneTrueError

I’ve created a nifty little javascript library in TypeScript that I use in OneTrueError. It allows our service to search StackOverflow for relevant questions and answers. Searching StackOverflows API is quite easy as it is pretty much straight forward. The challenge however, was to create something which can identify the correct StackOverflow tags. To do that we analyze the stack ...

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