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Multi-threaded exception handling

Last week we explored the possibilities of using multi-threading to create animated – or even interactive – loading screens, and drastically decrease loading times. While we went into a lot of details, using the loading screen of Roche Fusion as an example, there is one important topic we glanced over completely: What if something goes wrong? Or more technically: what ...

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Using multi-threading to animate and speed up loading screens

One feature that almost all games have in common is loading screens. Many small games can get away with a single loading screen at the start of the game to load all or most assets. Most larger games have one before every level or environment, or at least for major transitions. The only way to get around loading screens entirely ...

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Scheduling cross-threaded tasks using .Net’s BlockingCollection

Concurrency has always been a complicated aspect of computer science. With modern hardware increasing not only in speed but also in parallelism, it has become necessary to use concurrency in applications to fully exploit available resources. This is done using threads, which can be thought of as independently running sub-programs of a larger program, or process. Each thread has its ...

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