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Tyranny of NuGet

My old friend Mitch Denny (it’s been a while!) wrote about the Tyranny of NuGet.   In addition to these two popular uses, NuGet is also used by the new PowerShell Package Management tools as one possible source/provider of packages, once again for installation of software. And finally, NuGet is also exploited by deployment management tools, one of the most ...

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MyGet: Continuous Integration for the Rest of Us

By this time, most .NET developers are familiar with NuGet.  It used to be that if you wanted to use some part of .NET, such as Entity Framework, you would add a reference to your project pointing to some DLL in the .NET Framework Class Library (FCL).  Those days are loooong gone.  Nowadays, if you want to use Entity Framework ...

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Using NuGet to Distribute Company Internal DLLs

Releasing new software has to be simple and super fast! That was not the case for our company-internal class libraries till a couple of month ago until I finally decided to take the time to optimize that release process. At the company where I’m working at currently, we have an internal class library which bundles a series of utilities with ...

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