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You’ve Cracked The Coding Interview, Now What?

So, you’ve managed to crack the coding interview and got yourself a job offer, but now what? Negotiating your salary This is one of the most crucial steps to getting a new job, one most programmers ignore. Far too many programmers take the first offer they are given and don’t spend any effort negotiating their salaries. This is a huge mistake, ...

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Cracking The Coding Interview: 12 Things You Need To Know

Cracking the coding interview is the holy grail of many programmers and software developers, but is cracking the coding interview really possible? Nothing, I mean nothing, terrifies more software engineers than the dreaded coding interview. Sure, Gayle McDowell, wrote an excellent book that is actually called “Cracking the Coding Interview,” but is it actually possible? Yes, but I don’t think ...

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There are many discussions of what you should learn or need to know as a software developer. Most of the time these discussions are about technical stuff, like IDEs, programming languages, patterns, tools and so on. Of course there are also discussions about soft skills: How to give feedback, how to deal with difficult coworkers or customers. All important stuff. ...

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Deliberate Practice: Building confidence vs practicing

A few weeks ago I wrote about the learning to cycle dependency graph which described some of the skills required to become proficient at riding a bike. While we’ve been practicing various skills/sub skills I’ve often found myself saying the following: if it’s not hard you’re not practicing me, April 2015 i.e. you should find the skill you’re currently practicing ...

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