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Security Risk in Binding WPF Passwordbox Password

In WPF circles, the PasswordBox control has generated quite a bit of discussion. The thing is that you can access the password entered by the user using the Password property, but it’s not a dependency property, and MVVM purists don’t like the fact that they can’t bind it to their ViewModel. In this article, I’m going to show how the password can be ...

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ASP.NET Web API feat. OData

OData is an open standard protocol allowing the creation and consumption of queryable and interoperable RESTful APIs. It was initiated by Microsoft and it’s mostly known to .NET Developers from WCF Data Services. There are many other server platforms supporting OData services such as Node.js, PHP, Java and SQL Server Reporting Services. More over, Web API also supports OData and ...

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AngularJS feat. Web API – Security

Preventing unauthorized access to Web API controller actions and applying a centralized security access, seems to be a tough and complicated task for many web developers. More over, there are many players entered into the game latetly, such as ASP.NET Identity or OWIN middleware and things can get pretty messed up if any of these concepts are not well understood. ...

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Secure Self-Hosted WCF REST Services with a Custom UserNamePasswordValidator

When securing WCF services you’re faced with a choice: Message versus Transport security. Unless you need to conceal messages from an intermediary, your best bet is to stick with transport security and use SSL to secure messages traveling over HTTP. Using SSL is generally the best choice for ensuring point-to-point privacy and integrity, which lets you pass user credentials over ...

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