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Decision Framework for the Implementation of Web Services based on Core Microsoft Technologies

EDITORIAL NOTE: Web Services have become very popular. They come in a variety of flavors and styles, a fact that can be proven pretty confusing. Microsoft ecosystem currently provides two core technologies for the implementation of web services: Windows Communication Foundation, introduced with .NET 3.0 and the ASP.NET Web API, included in ASP.NET MVC. The current article presents a Decision ...

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Building Scalable and Secure WCF Services

The key to building scalable WCF services is to eliminate binding configurations that could result in server affinity. For this reason you should avoid bindings that establish a session with the service, such as NetTcpBinding or WsHttpBinding with secure conversation enabled. Both BasicHttpBinding and WebHttpBinding, however, are sessionless and allow you to call a service multiple times without concern for ...

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Simple WCF SOAP-REST Multi-Project Template

Download the source code for this post. I did it again: another multi-project Visual Studio template – this time for a simple WCF service that exposes both SOAP and REST endpoints. My other REST and SOAP templates are intended as a starting point for more real-world WCF services. However, what I often need is a starting point for building a ...

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