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Proper Black Box Testing Case Design – Equivalence Partitioning

In today’s IT world, the lines between developers and QA Engineers are being blurred. With the emergence of Agile, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and many other methodologies, software testing is becoming even more critical. To support daily releases, multiple Operating Systems, and multiple browsers, the Development team (QA and Software Engineers) needs the capability to create test cases faster ...

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Why are Constraints Helpful

When people first try scrum, or TDD (or any new process), they feel uncomfortable. We “know how to do” stuff, but then we’re asked to try on something new. Then our comfort zone alarm goes off. We feel constrained. Scrum puts limit on sprints, so we’ll need to actually help the testers finish testing our story. We can’t just continue developing. ...

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Git stash driven development

I’ve found myself using a pattern quite often recently, which I’ve been calling “git stash driven development” – that is, relying heavily on the magic of git stash as part of my development workflow. Normally I follow what I think of as a fairly typical TDD workflow: Write next test, watch it fail Write code to make it pass Commit Refactor ...

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TDD: Speed and Flow

Kevlin Henney asked once: Why do cars have brakes? Imagine if cars didn’t have brakes, how fast would you go? You’ll be driving really slow to not hit anything. But by giving the capability to slow down, brakes actually give us the ability to go faster. TDD is like a good car People new to unit testing and TDD complain that their ...

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