List/Grid Monthly Archives: May 2012


Limit your abstractions: Refactoring toward reduced abstractions

So in my previous post I spoke about this code and the complexity behind it: public class CargoAdminController : BaseController { [AcceptVerbs(HttpVerbs.Post)] public ActionResult ...

Behavior Driven, Test Driven, Domain Driven Design

Ah, the joys of xDDs, you can never use too many, right? One of the many benefits of using event sourcing with CQRS is how well it facilitates using BDD style testing to drive our domain ...

Inversion of control containers – Best practices

Disclaimer: I’ve used IoC containers for a couple of years now and also made a couple of my own (just to learn, nothing released). I’ve also consumed loads of documentation in the ...

Types of Duplication in Code

One of the biggest reasons to refactor code is to eliminate duplication. It is pretty easy to introduce duplication in our code either unintentionally or because we don’t know how ...

When Will It Be Done?

Everyone likes to know the answer. In fact, this question can be interpreted in many ways, and answered that way too. For example, if we’re using agile techniques, we assume things ...

CInject – Code Inject

CInject (or CodeInject) allows code injection into any managed assembly without disassembling and recompiling it. It eases the inevitable task of injecting any code in single or multiple ...

Why you need to make your tests fail

Test Driven Development (TDD) have many benefits. For start it’s a design methodology that help avoiding “Analysis paralysis” and make sure that you only have the needed code ...

Developer productivity tools and Visual Studio extensions

A few days ago a question was asked on Readify’s internal forum about useful VS extensions. A few extensions were mentioned that I had not used before and I am glad to have installed ...

Building an API: Test Harness UI

On the project I’ve been working on we’re building an API to be used by other applications in the organisation but when we started none of those applications were ready to integrate ...

Creating robust tests with Isolator V7

The problem with unit tests is that they keep on breaking…  Obviously that’s not entirely correct, nevertheless I had the pleasure of hearing the sentence above numerous ...
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