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Christian is a Principal Consultant at FuseSource specializing in developing enterprise software applications with an emphasis on software integration and messaging. His strengths include helping clients build software using industry best practices, Test Driven Design, ActiveMQ,Apache Camel, ServiceMix, Spring Framework, and most importantly, modeling complex domains so that they can be realized in software. He works primarily using Java and its many frameworks, but his favorite programming language is Python. He's in the midst of learning Scala and hopes to contribute to the Apache Apollo project.

No One Wants to Buy Your Iterations

One of the most common agile tools in the toolbox is the good old iteration. Call them what you want, sprints, cycles, releases, but iterations while a potentially valuable and useful exercise for teams new to agile, can easily become dangerous to the quality of the software and the morale of the team if not used in moderation. Iterations are ...

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The Startup Rush

The one very hard to miss elephant in the room amidst all of today’s startup hype is the inevitable question: “are we in a bubble?” I certainly don’t claim to be able to predict the future of the software market, and like most people, I’ve had at least a twinge of skepticism towards all the current software startup hype. However, ...

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Behavior Driven, Test Driven, Domain Driven Design

Ah, the joys of xDDs, you can never use too many, right? One of the many benefits of using event sourcing with CQRS is how well it facilitates using BDD style testing to drive our domain model design. Behavior driven development encourages writing tests which expose the use cases or scenarios required by the users and stakeholders. This is closely ...

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Out of Duct Tape, Try Some Cheap Code

Before I get this little rant started I just want to make a quick apology. I started this rant on twitter regarding this blog post before I later remembered one of my colleagues had actually sent it out to me and then thinking that I should probably tone down the rhetoric. So let it be known that I’m an opinionated ...

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You’re Having noSQL Problems, I Feel Bad for You Son

Just recently on Hacker News a whole bunch of posts either deriding or defending Mongo (or in some cases noSQL as a whole) appeared. It all started with this. The problems with this little tirade against Mongo are multiple but the foremost is that it was posted entirely anonymously, and I can’t really think of a reason why someone would ...

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Reclaiming the ‘501 Developer’ manifesto

I’ve recently found myself in a bit of conflict over how I feel about this post outlining a 501 developer manifesto, aimed at those who choose to avoid making work run their life by stopping their professional life at 501 sharp. The term isn’t new, it’s been used by Scott Hanselman to describe developers who’s enthusiasm turns off at 5:01pm. ...

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Microsoft and Open Source: Still Oil and Water?

Open source software is something very near and dear to me. I use it every day, it helps me get work done, allows me to skip over large chucks of repetitive architecture code, teaches me things and lets me focus on business problems not just technical ones. Honestly, I’d probably go mad without it, I know I certainly would not ...

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