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10 Free, Standalone and Easy to Use UML Editors

Below is a compilation of UML drawing & editing tools which are:

  • Free (and most of them are open source),
  • Standalone (not installed as plug-in or add-in),
  • Easy to download and install,
  • No-need to registration and activation keys,
  • Fast to start and use.

Note: Last 2 editors are text based web uml tools.

1. Violet

2. Argo UML

3. DIA

4. Open Ameos

5. Papyrus


7. UMLet

8.Tiny UML

9. yUML (text based online tool)

10. Web Sequence Diagrams (text based online tool)

References: 10 Free, Standalone and Easy to Use UML Editors from our NCG partner Cagdas Basaraner at the CodeBuild blog.

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