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10 Software Documentation Best Practices

Perform documentation as required (e.g. %10 of total production time). No documentation is never a good solution as much as excessive documentation. It may include code documentation, requirement specifications, design documents, test documents, user manuals etc. Those documents are needed to be managed and shared also, by using version controlling tools and/or web based platforms. Code documentation is important. Best ...

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20 Subjects Every Software Engineer Should Know

Here are the most important subjects for software engineering, with brief explanations: 1.Object oriented analysis & design: For better maintainability, reusability and faster development, the most well accepted approach, shortly OOAD and its SOLID principals are very important for software engineering. 2.Software quality factors : Software engineering depends on some very important quality factors. Understanding and applying them is crucial. ...

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5 Common Antipatterns in Software Project Management

Overplanning/analysis/meetings: Some companies or project teams falls into error of spending time for the project planning & analysis & meetings much more than needed. Planning detail is not needed to be ‘complete’ in each phase. This may be a serious bottleneck for projects. Like planning, analysis is also not needed to be complete at the beginning, except waterfall projects. As ...

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10 Best Practices of Code Commenting & Formatting

Code commenting and formatting are all about code understandability. Code understandability is very relevant to code maintainability. So, small details about programming may help maintainability. In this context, some practices about commenting and formatting will be told here: Commenting Comments may be thought as part of the code, so they are really important. E.g. a commentless code library will be ...

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10 Free, Standalone and Easy to Use UML Editors

Below is a compilation of UML drawing & editing tools which are: Free (and most of them are open source), Standalone (not installed as plug-in or add-in), Easy to download and install, No-need to registration and activation keys, Fast to start and use. Note: Last 2 editors are text based web uml tools. 1. Violet 2. Argo UML 3. DIA ...

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