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TDD vs. BDD or why can’t we all just get along?

I was listening to another good Hanselminuets podcast – Understanding BDD and NSpec with Matt Florence and Amir Rajan. As always it was a good an informative show. Towards the end of the show one of the interviewees (I think it was Amir) explained why BDD is much better than TDD…  by djclear904 For those of you who does not ...

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Behavior Driven, Test Driven, Domain Driven Design

Ah, the joys of xDDs, you can never use too many, right? One of the many benefits of using event sourcing with CQRS is how well it facilitates using BDD style testing to drive our domain model design. Behavior driven development encourages writing tests which expose the use cases or scenarios required by the users and stakeholders. This is closely ...

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Introduction to bddify

If you are new to BDD you may want to read BDD to the rescue first. This is an introduction and a start of a series about bddify, a powerful BDD framework for .Net, called ‘Bddify In Action’: Using bddify Introducing bddify: which is this post Using Method Name Conventions Writing stories Using Executable Attributes Using Fluent API Input parameters ...

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BDD to the rescue

BDD can help you in more than one way. First and foremost it removes the ambiguity from the requirements; but taking it a step further could give you a lot of significant benefits. Programmers are not best at communicating. It is even beautifully argued that “Sometimes, The Better You Program, The Worse You Communicate“. My favorite programmers’ joke A woman ...

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