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Articles on Performance, DSC, PowerShell

Welcome to 1Gig Tech update! Happy New Year! The New Year edition has 16 articles on technology, news, open source, community on the fantastic and ever evolving technology world. How To Create Strong Passwords That You Can Easily Remember (Joseph Steinberg) In an earlier article I described some of the problems with so-called complex passwords – passwords that consist of a mix ...

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PowerShell Classes for Developers

Classes in PowerShell have been a feature since long and creating objects of these classes isn’t new. From the classic way of creating objects of .NET classes (like the MailMessage in Example 1 below) or to defining a custom .NET class (in the Example 2 below), we have seen PowerShell extend .NET classes and types in numerous ways.                                                                                                                                                  Example ...

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PowerShell reads: links to coverage of One-Liners about PowerShell features (using, language, etc)

Boy, I wish I had read these PowerShell articles earlier:                     PowerShell One-Liners: Help, Syntax, Display and Files. PowerShell One-Liners: Variables, Parameters, Properties, and Objects. PowerShell One-Liners: Collections, Hashtables, Arrays and Strings. PowerShell One-Liners: Accessing, Handling and Writing Data. Besides being in depth, the articles also contain a ton of examples ...

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Using Azure Resource Manager

In the new Azure Portal you create all your resources in Resource Groups, there is also as part of the Azure SDK‘s a module called AzureResourceManager  by default the module loaded for the Azure SDK is AzureServiceManagement. A blurb from one of the Azure documentation page reads “The Azure and Azure Resource Manager modules are not designed to be used ...

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