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Gordon is a Software Developer in Durban, South Africa working for Derivco. He is also a Visual Studio ALM Ranger and ALM MVP. Hew writes about anything that he feels might be useful to anyone in the community.

Load testing using Azure

So everyone wants to have the ultimate system that never breaks can handle ‘all’ the users and shows no strain when doing so. How do you accomplish something like this? Well you could hire developers that know all the best ways to do everything, experts in everything related to configuring applications to run the best that they can on the ...

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A ‘Hello World’ for VSO Extensions

So if you haven’t heard yet VSO Extensions are now in a private preview where you can sign up to get into the preview on extensions integration site. These extensions in the shortest sentence a supported way of doing customizations to VSO that will replace any of the “hacky” extensions that you may be playing around with at the moment ...

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Creating Iterations in VSO

This post is part of an overall Series on Visual Studio Online. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of VSO             Then click on Iterations You should now see your Iterations for this Team Project From here you can add New child iterations to an existing iteration Set Iteration dates Move ...

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Connecting Test Manager to VSO

This post is part of an overall Series on Visual Studio Online. So for the developers we have connected Visual Studio to VSO but what about something for the QA guys. Well we all know that they spend a lot of time in Microsoft Test Manager so here’s how you connect MTM to VSO. Open Microsoft Test Manager.     ...

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Create a new VSO account

This post is part of an overall Series on Visual Studio Online. To get this series started we will start with the most basic of activities which is creating a new Visual Studio Online account. Navigate to http://www.visualstudio.com/ in your favorite browser.             Click Sign Up on the tile on the right You will then ...

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Connecting Visual Studio to VSO

This post is part of an overall Series on Visual Studio Online Part 3 of 31.                         Long Way After you have a new Team Project in VSO you would eventually want to connect your Visual Studio to it. Open Visual Studio Open Team Explorer by click View and ...

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Assign a Azure Subscription to a existing user

If you have logged into the Azure Management Portal and see a message like below then you need to have a azure subscription assigned to you in order to use the portal and this post is going to help you (probably your Administrator) assign a subscription to your account.                 To Get started ...

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Creating a new Azure Active Directory User

Open the Azure Management Portal, login and then navigate to the Active Directory tab and click on the Active Directory resource you want to add a user to, alternatively create a new Azure Active Directory resource and then come back to this post.             Now click on the Users tab and then Add User Go ...

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