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I’m a software developer – not a lawyer

A long time ago not that far away I’ve been hired by Uber-Corp to work on the new and shiny product. We had talent, budget and cool technology on our side, and that project was going to crash and burn (and ultimately cancelled) in less than a year. Nobody’s perfect – we had our share of problems, some technical and ...

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What Does A Self-Organizing Team Has To Do with Leadership?

Let’s say we’ve “conquered agile”, and the prophecy came true: we have a self-organizing team. How does leadership fit into this? What does a leader do in a self-organizing team? Influence. Leadership comes in many shapes and colors. There’ll be the technical leaders. The experts about technology and or process. There’ll be social-political leaders. We’ll ask them who to involve ...

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5 Common Antipatterns in Software Project Management

Overplanning/analysis/meetings: Some companies or project teams falls into error of spending time for the project planning & analysis & meetings much more than needed. Planning detail is not needed to be ‘complete’ in each phase. This may be a serious bottleneck for projects. Like planning, analysis is also not needed to be complete at the beginning, except waterfall projects. As ...

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