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Creating Page Transitions in Windows Phone

Creating page transitions is not difficult at all when you have Silverlight Toolkit available in market. So follow the steps written below Step 1: Using Silverlight Toolkit So first download the latest copy of Silverlight Toolkit and follow the steps belowAdd a reference of Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit in your application Step 2: Modify App.xaml.cs Next modify App.xaml.cs to enable loading a page ...

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Async tests in Silverlight

One of the things that we do is build a lot of stuff in Silverlight, usually, those things are either libraries or UI. Testing Silverlight was always a problem, but at least there is a solution OOTB for that. Unfortunately, the moment that you start talking about async tests (for example, you want to run a web server to check ...

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Must-have Tools on Windows

Every technologist has his favourite list of developer tools, applications and OS which they believe are indispensible and without them they would not be able to develop anything. With time and changing focus, this list keeps changing. Here’s my list of tools that I think you as a developer should have on your laptop. Most of them are Open-Source or ...

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