Articles on Glimpse, WebHooks and ASP.NET on AWS

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In today’s edition, there are 10 articles on technology, news, open source, community on the fantastic and ever evolving technology world.

  • quozd/awesome-dotnet (quozd)
    Awesome .NET! A collection of awesome .NET libraries, tools, frameworks, and software. Inspired by awesome-ruby, awesome-php, awesome-python, frontend-dev-bookmarks and ruby-bookmarks.
  • 01 Punit Ganshani – Packaging your libraries with NuGet
    Speakers: Punit Ganshani Average: 5 (1) Download How do I download the videos? To download, right click the file type you would like and pick “Save target as…” or “Save link as…” Why should I download videos from Channel9? It’s an easy way to save the videos you like locally.
  • Coding is boring, unless… — Enki Blog — Medium
    As a developer, I never managed to stick to the same job for more than two years. Each new job was a good career move, and a high turnover is common in our industry. But my previous employers were not particularly happy that I left.
  • Glimpse v2 Beta1 Released! (nikmd)
    This morning at the Connect(); event in New York city, Scott Hanselman announced some exciting news: Glimpse v2 Beta1 is now available! Glimpse v2 is a major evolution of the platform. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far, and we think you’ll like what you see.
  • Re: Tyranny of NuGet
    My old friend Mitch Denny (it’s been a while!) wrote about the Tyranny of NuGet. In addition to these two popular uses, NuGet is also used by the new PowerShell Package Management tools as one possible source/provider of packages, once again for installation of software.
  • .NET Reflector 9.0 release notes (Tom Crossman)
    The Roslyn compiler and the C#5 compiler emit different IL for asynchronous and anonymous methods. Reflector can now correctly decompile Roslyn-compiled code for these language constructs. Thanks to Paulo Morgado for his input during the beta program.


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