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Must-have Tools on Windows

Every technologist has his favourite list of developer tools, applications and OS which they believe are indispensible and without them they would not be able to develop anything. With time and changing focus, this list keeps changing. Here’s my list of tools that I think you as a developer should have on your laptop. Most of them are Open-Source or ...

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Windows 8 on laptop in-depth analysis

Having used Windows 8 on one of my laptops for last couple of days, this article would be toned as an essay of what’s there and what’s not rather than just a review. So it would be lengthy and you would require patience to go through this at your own pace. The entire essay is divided in topics so you ...

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Install Windows 8 from Virtual Machine

Requirement: Oracle VM VirtualBox Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO file (32-bit or 64-bit) Windows Live ID* (for best testing experience, sign up here if you doesn’t have one) Internet Connection* *Nice to have, for best experience Besides that, also make sure that your computer have the Virtualization Technology (VT-x/AMD-V) activated in the BIOS. Proceed to the installation if you are ...

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